Due to the conductive electrical surface and contact to the body, low-frequency fields will connect less and can be conducted away more easily.


protection against germs, bacteria and viruses
protection against smell and sweat

Help with skin rashers, neurodermatitis

anti-microbial effect during its entire service life

A very high-quality, exclusive, highly functional, and stylish garment for everyday use. The product is perfect for your home, holidays, and sporting activities, as well as at the office or on business trips.

Silver-Biopolish-Elastic is very elastic and adapts to your body shape. This ensures a skin-tight fit, giving optimum functionality.

Grass cardboard

Grass cardboard is environmentally friendly, vegan, and sustainable. Grass paper is made out of sun-dried grass, which does not require any chemicals and comes from land that is not used for agriculture.

- a multisensory highlight - grass paper has a slightly rough feel and invites you to touch it

- the faint aroma of hay and its colour also arouse memories and emotions

- together we act in a sustainable, future-oriented and responsible manner - it is more than just an additional benefit


This innovation defines the clothing of the future


About us

ARTOS is a globally recognized brand and one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of fencing products sine 1994.

  • Steffen Grollmisch is founder and sole managing director of the company
  • The invention of the patented fencing piste which has been sold and delivered to 130 countries world-wide
  • A piece of the innovative fencing piste is exhibited in the City History Museum of Leipzig
  • Used in international competitions, such as, Olympics, World Championships, and many Grand Prix and World Cups
  • Through the development, refinement, research and many years of successful use of special materials with silver threads, Artos has a market-leading knowledge advantage, innovation potential and a production and worldwide sales structure


Silver changed the world hundreds of years ago.

An innovation of pure silver intertwined with history and myth.


What is our intention?

Our motivation is to make a product accessible to all customers which represents an innovation with considerable added value.


"You need the silvershirt!

Your protection against smell and sweat. "



Significant demand for products that take human needs into account. Pleasant body odor, healthy appearance, improvement of performance and ecological use of resources are paramount.

We fulfill these wishes with our products.

  1. Protection: Great demand for products that offer protection against germs, bacteria and viruses
  2. Comfort: Clothing must not only look fashionable, but also provide a high degree of functionality
  3. Trust: The customer has an assurance that he or she will not cause any smell of sweat through the garment
  4. No Chemical: Our products are natural because there are no toxic residues of chemicals or pesticides
  5. Compatibility: Silver in its purest form, as it is used in our products, is hypoallergenic and completely harmless


Customer benefit

Our products have a number of functions for the organism such as…

  • Help with burns, skin rashers, neurodermatitis
  • Protection from UV and IR radiation
  • Temperature equalization
  • Increased performance and prevention of early fatigue
  • Protection against micro and radio waves
  • Antistatic



Unique:  Innovative material, which is equipped with a constant anti-smell and anti-microbial effect during its entire service life


Market first: Day and nightwear, mouth and nose protection mask made of 99% pure, natural silver


Certified: Has proven successful in extreme applications and has been extensively tested in its functionality


Authentic: Aiming to set an example by focusing on sustainability and fairness


The Corona Pandemic

  • Due to the current situation caused by the global pandemic, we as a company would like to contribute to the global fight against Covid-19 and other diseases
  • The market for our products is one of the most important growth markets worldwide
  • The global market is expected to grow from just under $800 million in 2014 to $4.72 billion in 2020
  • Consumer behavior will be strongly influenced by the pandemic 2020/21
  • The focus will be on products that offer health protection, high functionality and added value
  • Awareness of constant change and sustainability is also growing


Steffen Grollmisch

Founder and Managing Director Artos Fencing GmbH & Co. KG.

  • Developer of the innovative and patented fencing and apparel fabrics
  • Supplier of Olympic Games; World Championships and Grand Prix
  • Development of the network for analysis programs in fencing
  • President of the International Association "Attaque d'Escrime" and International Member
  • Charity Foundation - For the Future of Fencing
  • Organizer European Fencing Championship 2010 in Leipzig
  • Former president of the Saxon Fencing Association and Fencing Club Schkeuditz,
  • Chairman of the Sport Youth Foundation, North Saxony
  • Fencer in the National Team